Friday Faves: Gotta Have It, Can’t Live Without It

I’m makin’ a list, checkin’ it twice, gonna’ share with ya’ll what makes life nice! Awww yeah, I have mad skills, don’t I? Don’t answer that. 🙂

You’ll probably find a lot of lists here, lists are sort of part of my very being. Like if I were a doll, on the back of the box it would totally say “Lists included.” Husband says I organize my lists into… lists. I told you I had mad skills!

This list though is a good one, promise! It’s the top five things I just can’t get enough of! Health, beauty, life: The following things are my go-tos.

1. Wet Brush

Wet Brush

This amazing, magical wonder of a hairbrush is the bees knees. No joke. My thick, tangle-proned hair could not be more pleased. Brushing my hair is essentially effortless with this thing. I’ve used a Wet Brush exclusively for more than 4-5 years now and I never see me swaying from its de-tangling ways.

2. Aromatherapy Lotion in Stress Relief Eucalyptus & Spearmint

Stress Relief

It took me years to stop buying every some-what smelly good lotion I came across on any given day. I use to be one of those, “But it’s on sale!” people, but at some point in my late 20s I grew out of that and realized I should only buy the things I actually use. Not until the past year or so did I start the routine of using body lotion in the mornings and at night, of course that’s IF I remember to do it. (Still working on that “routine” thing when it comes to my life in general.) This lotion is AMAZING. It is so calming and relaxing. It’s the perfect boost before I head out the door in the AM and just what I need to help soothe those late night thoughts that I can’t seem to escape before closing my eyes.

3. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths

I don’t know what I did before these little miracle wipes. I have super sensitive skin so washing my face thoroughly each morning and at night is a must, Cetaphil Cleansing Clothsbut sometimes, life just gets in the way. Maybe I’m worn out from the week in general and I pass out on the couch and wake up at 2 a.m. or maybe I wake up late in the AM and need to bolt out of the house in record-breaking time. (Totally never happens. Me? Over-sleep? Puh-lease. Ha!) But, if that were to ever happen, these wipes would save the day! They get off every bit of dirt, grime, eyeliner and mascara! They’re gentle and fragrance free, too! The scent is light, which is a huge plus. Definitely not like some others I have tried where your face ends up smelling so strong your husband tells you to roll over to the edge of the bed because he can smell your face and its keeping him awake. You know what I am talking about!


4. Vegetable Chopper

ChopperOK I know that took a turn from where you thought this list might be going, but I never gave this list a theme except for favorite.

This little chop off the old block has changed my life. I kid you not, it has made Sunday meal prepping and weekday dinner cooking so much more enjoyable by leaps and bounds! Sometimes I get frustrated with cleaning out the grooves of it, but then I think back to the old days when I had to hand chop a red onion and couldn’t see to chop the red pepper after it due to all the tears in my eyes. Lets not forget how my hands would then smell like onions for the next 3-5 days no matter how much or vigorously I washed them. Ahhh, yes. Those were the days. Now? I can sip a glass of wine out of one hand and dice a large chunk of onion into perfectly, even squares of ready-to-roast with my grilled chicken amazingness with the other. Game. Changer.

5. A Budget

Let’s get real. Most of the things I’ve listed up to this point all make my life easier. They’re all some tool or product that either aids a day-to-day task and de-stresses and de-tangles the madness that can be life. The biggest, most important, would-lose-my-mind-without-it item I could ever share with ya’ll is a budget. Look, I get it. Budgets get a bad wrap. Most people think living on a budget means you can’t afford your current lifestyle. Wrong. With a budget, I can afford my lifestyle and then some. I can dream big and achieve it. I can save up and buy those Short Military Red Hunter Boots I’ve had my eye on for years and not feel a pinch of buyer’s remorse. A budget is freeing. It feels like getting a raise on your birthday after your BFF shows up to take you out to your favorite restaurant and finding out you just won tickets to see BSB in concert all at the exact same moment. Yeah, I said it. That’s EXACTLY how my monthly budget makes me feel. The key here? To make a budget that works for you!


So, what are some of your favorite things? What can’t you live without? Anything you thought you’d never try, but fell in love with? Sound off in the comments!