First comes love, then comes marriage…

Then comes ME with a baby carriage!

You read that right! I’m PREGNANT! Excited is an understatement. Shannon and I are completely over the moon and overwhelmed with happiness. We found out shortly after getting back from our European vacation. I had been working on putting together a blog post of the trip and the early waves of morning sickness hit me like a brick wall!

Over the past nearly 21 weeks I’ve really thought long and hard about this blog life of mine I was working away at. I’ve always been a fairly private person, but finding out we were expecting caused me to really reflect on what I wanted to share about our life. So, I just took some time off.

Alas, here I am! Topics may change a bit, but the message is the same. Living life on a budget and doing it in style, mom style that is!

This past weekend we had a gender reveal party, on a budget, of course!

Mom and I made sandwiches and I ordered cookie cutters from Amazon for around $10 and we cut them into shapes. Another $40 in decorations, fun sweets to match our Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme, cookies from a local stay at home momma and friends and my momma who pitched in with chips, dips, veggie trays and the most beautiful and perfect cake to top it off!

The turn out was beyond what we could have ever imagined. We thought maybe 10-15 people would make it and we would have just a fun get together to make the big reveal, but nearly every single person we invited said they were coming AND ACTUALLY CAME! It was a house party, y’all, 2 p.m. on a Saturday and all!

We choked on Holi Powder, laughed, cried and as I soaked in all the feels of the moment my eyes opened to show blue EVERYWHERE it started to rain. It was perfect. I will never forget this moment, this day, this time of my life. We are so blessed already friends! And now? A baby? My heart is so full. So so very full.

We were and remain completely in awe of all the love that filled our home Saturday afternoon. From the old friends, new friends and our family it just felt right. When we were shopping for our home, me being me, had to think how parties would work in a prospective new home. We have now hosted Friendsgiving, family Christmas, a surprise party and multiple family shindigs over the past year and a half but this party? I have to admit, it’s my favorite so far.

P.S. Pinch me! I get to be a boy mom! I can’t even!

P.P.S. Can we also take a moment to recognize the mad photo skills of my BFF Manda and her husband Ben? We wouldn’t have this magical day documented without these two amazing people!

10 thoughts on “First comes love, then comes marriage…

  1. thekitchengent says:

    Congratulations!! That’s so exciting! Gender reveals are fun and I love your idea for it. And that cake topper is so adorable!


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