How-to: Good Day For A Good Day

Ever have those days where you just don’t wanna? Like anything? Aren’t those the worst? And MONDAYS?! Why?! Ugh! Well, it’s Monday and the Mondays are gonna’ keep comin’ so whatcha gonna do about it?


I’ve learned some things in my nearly-31-years of life and that is if you want to have a good day, you have to make it so. Here are the tips and tricks from someone who hits the snooze button more times than she can count, is nearly ALWAYS late to EVERYTHING, is always on the go and who makes it her job to have a good day errryday.

Go to bed!

Seriously, this might be the easiest thing to do. You don’t need to read another chapter or watch just one more episode of The Crown. I promise the book and Netflix will be there tomorrow. If you’re struggling to open your eyes in the A.M. there’s a very big chance it’s ’cause you aren’t shutting your eyes in the P.M.

Pick your clothes out the night before

It’s hard sometimes and you might forget to lay them out or hang them in the front of your closet, but on those days there’s a trick! Use your brain! Sometimes when I’m floating off to dreamland, I doze off to thoughts of what I want to wear the next day (If I haven’t laid them out already!) This way when you wake up in A.M., even if it’s late, you already have a well-laid plan on what you’re gonna rock.

Meal prep

I can’t tell you enough how much meal prepping has changed my life! My breakfast and lunch is made on Sundays for the ENTIRE week ahead! It’s amazing. There’s no excuse or time crunch to literally opening the refridgerator door and having lunch ready to go. Not to mention it’s healthy! (I’ve lost 12lbs over the past 2 months or so!) For breakfast? I’m talking no more than a minute of reheating in the good ole microwave and I’m biting into some yummy delish breakfast casserole! Game. Changer.


Get in the groove

Have a routine! Don’t lie, you’ve had those days where you get to the office and realize you didn’t put deodorant on or forgot to brush your teeth. I bet you all the pink Starbursts in the world something happened that morning that got you out of your routine! Get in your groove and get things done. Better yet, get in the habit of showering at night! It cuts out so much for me in the mornings and when I wake up and realize I don’t have to shower and can sneak in five more minutes of shuteye; it’s like Christmas morning!

Quiet Time

Spend time in The Word or find a good book that helps build you up and get your mind in the right place. It’s mind over matter and it’s that simple. Get in the right headspace and you can change the world, especially your day!

Move it!

Put on some jams! I’m the type of person who needs music for everything. Music gets me through all the things! Waking up to a fun song is the best! And don’t stop there, put on some tunes while you shower, do your makeup and fix your hair. I have a “Britt Becomes A Morning Person” playlist and I’m always adding new tunes and putting it on shuffle. It gets the blood flowin’ and my feet steppin’!

Some of my fave morning jams:

  • Runaway Baby – Bruno Mars
  • Roll Up – Fitz & The Tantrums
  • I Believe In A Thing Called Love – The Darkness
  • I’m The One – DJ Khaled

To-Do or not to-do?

Start your workday out with a list of the top things, in order, you want to get done for the day. We all know the emails will pour in, the IMs will blow up and you’ll be sucked into the world of can-you-get-this-to-me-by-the-end-of-the-days. Once you have your list, work it! Before you know it, you’ll have checked off the first few before all of the pop-up work comes in and if you don’t make it all the way down the list, you know exactly where to start the next day!



It’s that simple. I struggle with this one sometimes, so I’m not going to pretend like I’m perfect here. But, when it comes down to it, I know what I have to do. Get your booty out of that bed NOW. Don’t put it off, don’t “dread” the day. You’re alive aren’t you? Surely there’s at least ONE thing you are looking forward to in your day? Sit up, put your feet on the floor and GET UP!

If you’re struggling to find motivation to get out of bed in the mornings, here’s a tip: You’re not going to find it. You have to make it. You have to create the life that makes you rise up to the challenge each new day has to offer.

Don’t expect a good day, make it a good day.


2 thoughts on “How-to: Good Day For A Good Day

  1. Liz Moss says:

    The title was confusing but once I started reading, I understood what you meant. I do some of these. The most important thing for me is my to do list. I have to prioritize my top 5 things every day. If I get them done, I have accomplished my day.

    Liked by 1 person

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