If living in pajamas is wrong, I don’t wanna be right


All the hustle and bustle is at a peak for some, but me? There’s nothing but cozy conditions in my forecast! My nights are consisting of theChristmas tree on, a cheesy holiday movie playing (Thanks Netflix!) and if I’m lucky one of the pups (Meet Scout, he’s the baby!) in cuddle mode! I’m living in my pajamas these days and ready for hot chocolate! Now, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! *Please, oh please, oh please!*

Been too busy shopping for everyone else? Maybe it’s YOUR turn! (Or maybe you need ONE more gift, Target’s PJs are on sale for the WHOLE family!) My jams are sold out, but alas, I have some super cute alternatives for ya! These jammies are just what you need and they’re under $25! Some under $15! You can still order on Amazon with prime 2-day shipping and Target’s order online and pick up in-store option is a game changer! What are you waiting for? Get your cozy on and cuddle up!

PJ Party


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