A Cup of Cheer: Quick & Easy Gifting

CCandy-GiftBow-red-1170x1170Christmas is so close! Ahhh! All the prepping, wrapping and festivities! It’s easy to get busy and rush through these last few weeks and wake up the week before realizing you left your dog sitter, hairdresser or the neighbor who always gets your mail while you’re out of town a gift!

You know the gifts I’m talking about: Nothing too fancy, but you want to get them something! Just a little something to say Merry Christmas and let them know you appreciate them.

So what do you do? You go out and pick up the first gift set in the holiday aisle already tied with a bow. Bore-ing! Plus, let’s be honest here, most of those quick gifts are gross. The candy is usually hard as a rock or tastes nothing like a chocolate pretzel bark you ever dreamed might taste. The mugs or plates or whatever it may be? I bet part of the design is already chipped off and you just didn’t notice it when you bought it! Not to mention, there’s a good chance your giftee was already gifted that by her office cubemate. Just sayin’!

You can do better than that! AND I bet you can do it for under $10. Here’s one of my favorite ways to do just that:

I love cups. I love big cups (And I cannot lie… hehe) I have a serious addiction to mugs, tall glasses and finding the perfect one. I find joy in trying to find just the right coffee mug that makes me think of someone I’m shopping for, or one I think they might like. I head to TJ Maxx, HomeGoods or Target. There I find a plethora of cute, holiday-themed or not mugs for under $5! Good quality too! (The one below is at Hallmark for $10 and is on sale right now for $6… I paid $4 @ TJ Maxx. 🙂 )

What I like about going the mug route is that it’s a nice base for a gift “set” for you to stuff a few other items inside and no wrapping is required! I’m also spending a lot less than than I would on a premade one. Oh yeah!

After I’ve found my perfect cup, I head to that beautiful front section of Target. You know the one, right when you walk in the door that you can NEVER just walk past, because, uhm why would you ever do that to yourself? That’s just wrong. 🙂

This section of Target is dangerous for me, I have to stay on track and keep my head in the game. Otherwise… SQUIRREL or more like CUTE STATIONARY and I’m gone and have forgotten what I came there for.

Several items from this nifty Target spot usually work for this last-minute gift, pick up a pair of $1 fuzzy socks, or a pack of $1 cute sticky notes or a notepad. Maybe a pack of cute, gold capped pens? Or how about a cute mini snowglobe? Whatever calls to you, do that!

After that, it’s off to the Christmas aisles to grab a fancy $1 candy cane and a pack of Reese’s Christmas trees and check out! Maybe grab an EOS at the register as the cherry chapstick on top.

Ta-da! Under $10, cuter than anything on the pre-packaged gift shelf and choked full of cute and quality good stuff! It might take you a little more time, but to me that makes it more personable.

The most difficult part can often be the arrangement of the items in the cup. It sometimes takes me a few goes, but it works out! Add a gift tag to that puppy and you’re golden!

Here’s a little something I put together:

You could always bake cookies or make fudge, that’s always a hit as well, a bit more time consuming, but worth it! I’m not a big fan of gift cards. Don’t get me wrong! I’ll take a gift card all the live long day, but I always like to give an actual present and then maybe add a smaller amount gift card. I know maybe that’s silly to you, but call me traditional. I’m old school like that.

You have 11 days to figure out your last-minute gifts! Good luck and may the sales be ever in your favor!


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